The AOTC is designed for road bikes—lightweight bikes with thin tires (> 100psi) and multiple gears built for speed on paved roads.  For safety of all riders and logistical considerations, please, no recumbent bikes, elliptical bikes, mountain bikes, unicycles, tri-bikes / aerobars, or motorized bikes.

For the 100 K route you should be reasonably confident that you can average at least 10 miles per hour for 6 1/2 hours over 65 miles of hilly terrain (grades up to 15%, over 3,700ft of ascent).   This pace will enable you to finish by 3:30PM.  If you can’t meet these criteria please consider doing the 40 or 50k route this year and prepare for the 100K next year.

No.  The ride starts and finishes at Water Oak Suites, corner of East Main and Johnson Street in Downtown Brevard. Ample parking is available in the surrounding area.

You should be prepared for any weather situation. We have had temperatures in the high 60’s and in the mid 30’s in the past. If you haven’t participated in the ride you will find that regardless of the temperature you will have a great time. The Pisgah Forest Rotary Club goes the extra mile with the rest stops and traffic support. The ride will be held unless we have extreme weather conditions.

A hot lunch with a veggie and carnivore option will be provided after the ride.

There are two rest stops for the 50K: Mile 8 and mile 26.  Five rest stops for the 100K: Mile 8, mile 30 (closes at noon), mile 42 (closes at 1:30PM), and mile 53 (closes at 3:00PM).  Rest stops are well stocked with PBJ sandwiches, bananas, oranges, cookies, various bars, gu brew, gu energy gels, and water.

Yes, rest stops 1, 2, 3, and 4 all have outhouses and hand washing stations.

There are SAG vehicles on every course and there will be a bike mechanic at the start finish for minor repairs.

As cyclists are a hardy bunch, the ride will be held rain or shine.  However, if severe weather (lots of snow/ice/lightning) occurs the Event Coordinator may cancel the ride in consideration of rider or public safety.  There will be no refunds if this unlikely event occurs.